CD Cover - International Repertoire Series 5

International Repertoire Recordings

Conductor Timothy Reynish

With Various Wind Ensembles

Frank Battisti writes:

Reynish's International Wind Band/Ensemble Repertoire Project offers all wind band/ensemble conductors an opportunity to hear works that they might not encounter in their professional environments..Recordings of wind band/ensemble music such as found on these CDs would have been impossible 25 years ago. Let us rejoice and listen!


Irish Youth Wind Ensemble *
SUNY Fredonia Wind Ensemble**
Baylor University Wind Ensemble***
United States Marine Band "The President's Own"****
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Wind Ensemble*****

Work Composer Country
A John Gay Suite**** Buxton Orr England
The Palace Rhapsody*** Aulis Sallinen Finland
Symphony No 1 in C*** Adam Gorb England
Vranjanka* Kenneth Hesketh England
Blasket Dances** Matthew Taylor England
Adrenaline City***** Adam Gorb England


Work Composer Country
Improvisations-Rhythms (1975) Andreas Makris Greece/USA
Reflections (2000) Richard Rodney Bennett England/USA
L'Homme Armé (2003) Christopher Marshall New Zealand
Resonance (2006) Christopher Marshall New Zealand
Dances from Crete (2003) Adam Gorb England
Marsch (1981) Marcel Wengler Luxembourg


Work Composer Country
King Pomade Suite no 2 (1953) Ranki Gyorgy Hungary
Elegy for Miles Davis (1993) Richard Rodney Bennett England/USA
Symphony of Winds (1981) Derek Bourgeois Majorca
Blackwater (2006) Fergal Carroll Ireland
Tails aus dem Voods Viennoise (1992) Bill Connor Wales


Work Composer Country
Dances from Crete (2003) Adam Gorb England
Gran Duo (2000) Magnus Lindberg Finland
Awake, You Sleepers (2002) Laurence Bitensky USA
Per la Flor del Lliri Blau (1934) Joaquin Rodrigo Spain


Work Composer Country
Samurai (1995) Nigel Clarke England
Diaghilev Dances (2003) Kenneth Hesketh England
Danse Funambulesqu (1930) Jules Strens Belgium
L'Homme Armé (2003) Christopher Marshall New Zealand
Concerto for Wind Orchestra (2003) Christian Lindberg Sweden

Frank Battisti Review Of Volumes 1 And 2

I know of no one who has as much dedication and passion for the development and expansion of an international wind band/ensemble repertoire than Timothy Reynish. During the past 2 decades he has been responsible for commissioning numerous new works from composers throughout the world as well as discovering and bringing recognition to forgotten works through his performances, CD recordings, articles and clinics. Since the advent of WASBE opportunities for making contacts with composers from throughout the world has lead to the development of wind band/ensemble literature which is much more diversified and broader in styles and scope than ever before.

To this end Tim has recently produced and issued the first two of a planned series of CDs featuring works by international composers. The first two CDs include works by composers from Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA. I feel confident in saying that many wind band/ensemble conductors will not be familiar with the works on these recordings.

Live In Concert With The University Of Kentucky Wind Ensemble - Volume 1

VOLUME 1 (4949-MCD) contains music composed between 1930 and 2003. Samurai by Nigel Clark is a sharp-edged virtuoso piece, very energetic and rhythmic. Diaghilev Dances by Kenneth Hesketh is wonderfully impressionistic, elegant and at times, dramatic work - a miniature ballet, Hesketh's homage to Diaghilev and the music he inspired. Danse Funambulesque by Jules Strens' inhabits the expressive world of Florent Schmitt's Dionysiasques. It is scored for the European instrumentation of the Belgian Guides/French Garde Republicaine Bands. Christopher Marshall's L'homme Armé is based on the 15th century melody of the same name. It is a striking work with varied moods and colors. The Concerto for Winds and Percussion by world trombone virtuoso Christian Lindberg is a fresh, exciting, bold and outgoing work.

Live In Concert With The University Of Kentucky Wind Ensemble - Volume 2

VOLUME 2 (5342-MCD) includes three works composed between 2000 - 2003 and one composed in 1934. Adam Gorb's Dances from Crete is an infectious and brilliant work that will delight audiences and challenge players. Magnus Lindberg's Gran Duo, already performed numerous times, mostly by symphony orchestras - only 4 performances by wind ensembles - is still relatively unknown in wind band/ensemble circles. Scored for the instrumentation used by Stravinsky in his Symphonies of Wind Instruments (plus a bass clarinet) it is a major work by one of the world's leading composers.

The music ranges in scope from large textural sound masses to chamber music like and solo passages. Laurence Bitensky's Awake, You Sleepers is based on melodies and motives of traditional Jewish chant in which the trumpet soloist plays music that is free feeling and improvisational in style. This is a unique and wonderful addition to the concerto literature for trumpet and wind band/ensemble. Rodrigo's Per La Flor del Lliri Blau, composed in 1934, is a romantic tone poem in the 19th century tradition. The character of the music encompasses energetic fanfare passages, tender melancholy melodies and large dramatic episodes.

Since the pieces on these CDs were all recorded during live concert performances, they are not always technically perfect. However, Reynish and his players create performances that are musically interesting, expressive and lively.