The Art Of Programming

The Art Of Programming From Arnold To Zappa - Don't Frighten The Horses

A series of articles from WASBE and BASBWE files dating from 2002 with further investigations into programming possibilities.

  • The Art Of Programming 2005 - Re-Branding Band

    During the past century, and especially the last five decades, a host of incredible pieces for wind, brass and percussion have been created, most still not known in our festivals, radio programmes or even on disc. Why is the public perception of Wind Orchestra music still that its natural home is only in ceremonial, education or entertainment?

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  • The Art Of Programming 2002 - Variety Of Pace, Colour, Style, Emotional

    A former editor of Winds challenged us all to send in our "ideal" programme for a band concert - bearing in mind the late John Paynter's injunction that band concerts should not last more than an hour. I would take issue with John on that - I would suggest that "loud" band concerts should last a lot less than an hour, and that a properly constructed concert with enough variety of pace, colour, style, emotion, should be accorded the dignity of including 80 minutes of music or so with an interval

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  • Art Of Programming 2003 - A discussion held at WASBE Conference in Sweden in 2003

    Between Craig Kirchoff, Odd Terje Lysebo, Bobby Adams and Tim Reynish

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  • Arnold To Zappa 2004 - Creating A Repertoire

    A survey of RNCM programming

    From 1981 to Retirement in 2001

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  • Don't Frighten The Horses - Quality Literature For Wind Ensemble

    A raid on the archives for comments on contemporary music and the role of wind music in the 21st Century, with contributions from Lady Astor, Mrs Pat Campbell and Sir Simon Rattle, Frank Battisti, Warren Benson, Philip Kennicott, Richard Franko Goldman, Percy Grainger, Michael Haithcock, Geoffrey Norris, Gunther Schuller, Leonard Slatkin, John Phillip Sousa and Sir Michael Tippett

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  • Repertoire - Music That Rings My Bell - or - Today's Kitsch Is Tomorrow's Masterpiece

    First appeared in a WASBE Newsletter Updated and revised 30th August 2010

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  • Not Quite The Core Repertoire 2006

    revised 2010 Commitment - Exposure - Risk

    Most of the correspondence I receive is from conductors asking my views on repertoire. As a German colleague once wrote, "One man's meat is another man's poison", and so my website has been developed mainly to give conductors an idea of the sort of repertoire I enjoy programming and conducting, and sometimes why.

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