CD Cover - Celebrations - West Lothian Celebrity Winds

Celebrations - West Lothian Celebrity Winds

Conductor Nigel Boddice


  • Galloway Bouquet: John Maxwell Geddes
  • Cartoon: Thomas Wilson
  • Sirocco: Edward McGuire
  • Symphonic Ode: Peter Inness
  • The Wee Cooper of Fife: Cedric Thorpe Davie


  • Celebrations: Bruce Fraser
  • A Plain Mans Hammer: Martin Dalby
  • Lost mountain: William Sweeney
  • Portrait of a City: Alan Fernie

I am very happy to include this disc in my first web selection, not only because it features two of my favourite Scottish works, by Martin Dalby and Cedric Thorpe Davie, but because there is a link to an hilarious account of the funding, rehearsing and recording by conductor Nigel Boddice, in which he describes all of the repertoire in enthusiastic and affectionate terms. I hope that this disc is still available for anyone curious enough to track it down.