Marco Putz

The Wind Music Of Marco Pütz

By Tim Reynish - Spring 2007

One of the featured composers at the Glasgow BASBWE Conference at the end of June will be the distinguished composer, Marco Pütz. For many members of WASBE, he emerged as the outstanding composer at the 2005 Conference in Singapore, and since then his music has become more widely known on both sides of the Atlantic. Pütz was born in Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg) in 1958 and studied music (saxophone, chamber music, harmony, counterpoint, conducting) in Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg-City, Brussels and Liège (Belgium). Currently he is professor for saxophone, chamber music and instrumentation at the Conservatory of Luxembourg; he is an ex-founder member of the Luxembourg Saxophone Quartet (1982-2006) and from 1981 - 2006 he currently played the saxophone with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1987 Marco has written more than 50 works; many of these are especially for wind instruments and for Symphonic Wind Band, but his list of works also includes one musical for children, a string quartet and works for chamber orchestra. His works for band are in a traditional musical language and yet are dramatic and romantic without falling into the hackneyed cliché of more commercial music.


His two early largescale works made an immediate impression, both commissioned by the Conservatory of Luxembourg. The first, Prae Monitio, was written in 1991; it is scored for mezzo soprano and symphonic band, is a tersely argued work at the climax of which the soloist sings and declaims the famous words of the Indian Chief Seattle who in 1854, met with a delegation of white settlers to discuss the handing over of the traditional tribal lands. The Chief is credited with a wonderfully prophetic speech on the future of our planet under the white man.

A year later Pütz wrote Meltdown, a symphonic poem depicting the meltdown of a nuclear reactor and the resulting frenzied dance of the nuclear particles. In 1995 he won the first prize at the International Clarinet Association Composition Contest with his Quatuor pour clarinettes.

Other works include The Legend of Aquarius (1997) and Sinfonietta for Band (1998) but perhaps his biggest contribution to the repertoire is the series of fine concerti, often written for less familiar instruments. These include the Concerto for Flute and Band (1995), theConcertino for Horn and Wind Band (1996) which was awarded the 2nd prize at the 2nd Concorso Internationale Augusto Cagnan in Treviso (Italy), the Konzertstücke for Bass Trombone (1999) and his Clarinet Concerto (2005).


Two works have been commissioned by sections of WASBE. Dance Sequence by the WASBE Schools consortium set up by Richard Jones, and Improvisation and Fugato, commissioned by WASBE Germany. More recently he has arranged for wind band Derivations, an obligatory piece for Fanfare Bands at the Kerkrade contest of 2005. Among works to be featured in Glasgow is his moving score from 2006 Die Judenbuche.

His most recent work, the Concerto for Trumpet and Band, is a joint commission between Amabile Music Team directed by Phillipe Schartz, and Tim and Hilary Reynish as part of the William Reynish Memorial series; it was recorded in March 2007 and will be premiered later this year with Phillipe Schartz as trumpet soloist. The work is in three parts, the second being in a reflective style, based on the choral by J.s.Bach, "Oh Haupt vol Blut und Wunden".

More information can be found on his website

His principal publisher is Bronsheim,

PO-Box 193
6440 AD Brunssum
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 - (0) 45 525 90 60
Fax: +31 - (0) 45 527 46 96

Munzer Marsch , 1989

( Manuscript ) ( March )


for Symphonic Band CD(MUMU,3018); CD BMR-12 (Bronsheim) Commissioned by the Conservatory of Luxembourg,
Duration: 14':06''

Au début ce ne fût qu'une idée (1995)

Auftrag Kulturstadt Europas ( Luxemburg )

Manuscript, Material auf Anfrage
Duration: ca 5'

The Legend of Aquarius (1997)

CD (BMR-005) Auftrag der Gemeinde Redange/Atert (L)
Publisher: (
Duration: 17'

Sinfonietta for Band (1998)

for Symphonic Band ( CD BMR-003,Bronsheim), (CD AMOS, CH),(CD BMR-012,Bronsheim)
Duration: ca. 23'

Luxembourg, Ville Fortifiée (1995)

( CD 99316-1/99316-2CDs, UGDA-Luxbg.) A Commission of the Ministery of culture,
Duration: 5':30''

Rhapsody on a Dutch Folksong (2001)

for Symphonic Band Commissioned by the " Harmonie Eijsden " (NL) CD (BMR- 013) Bronsheim-Verlag

Duration: 16':30''

Dance Sequence (2002)

for School-Band, Commissioned by the "WASBE- Organisation" (grade 4)
Duration: ca. 11'

Improvisation & Fugato (2003)

Commissioned by the German WASBE-Section CD " Esprit " (
AMOS No. 6010 Musikkorps der Bundeswehr,Conductor: Walter Ratzek
Duration: 11':25''


Derivations (2003)
A transcription for Symphonic Band by the composer.
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 15':15''

Die Judenbuche (in 10 Bildern), 2006

nach der gleichnamigen Novelle von A.von Droste-Hülshoff (Reclam Verlag)
Eine Auftragskomposition des Jugendorchesters Havixbeck
UA am 02.09.2006 in Havixbeck
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 12':50''

Sincerely Yours! (A tribute to Lennie), 2002

Now for Symphonic Band! ( arr. by A.Oosterbaan )
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 17':20''

Prae Monitio (1991)

For Mezzo-Soprano and Symphonic Band Commissioned by the Conservatory of Luxbg. CD (BMR005)
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 16':30''

Concerto for Flute and Wind Band (1995)

CD (MUMU3018) Commissioned by the Europ. Union Wind Band;
Publisher: Bronsheim CD "Meltdown" (BMR-012)
Duration: 13':30''

Concertino for Horn & Wind Band (1996)

(CD HAHA-01) A commission of the " Harmonie Hautcharage "(L)
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 9'

Copper Rhapsody (2001)

for Cornet/Trumpet & Wind Ensemble, Commissioned by Pierre Kremer, trumpet virtuoso (L)
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: ca. 18'

Concerto for Bb-Clarinet and Wind Ensemble (2005)

This concerto has been commissioned by Mr Donald DeRoche, conductor of the "DePaul University Wind Ensemble", Chicago (USA) First Performance: April,24 - 2005 Soloist: Julie DeRoche, clarinet,
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 16':15''

"Konzertstück", for Bass Trombone & Wind Ensemble (1999)

has been commissioned by Vincent Debès, Bass-trbne. of the Luxbg. Philharm.Orch. CD = BMR-12, Bronsheim Verlag
Publisher: Bronsheim Duration: 19'

Concertino for Euphonium & Band (2002)

Scored by the composer
Publisher: Bronsheim
Duration: 10'
Grade: Band (4), Soloist (6)


Commissioned by Timothy & Hilary Reynish in memory of their son William

and Amabile Music Team ltd., Director Philippe Schartz
Publisher: Bronsheim Muziekuitgeverij, NL
To be recorded on CD in March 2007 by Doyen Records (GB)
Duration: 17'

Most of his works are published by :


DE HASKE (NL) from 2007 onwards (