Eric Rombach-Kendall writes:

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased that the University of North Carolina at Greensboro will host the 2013 CBDNA National Conference. Providing the home for our National Conference is no small undertaking and there must be a convergence of factors for an appropriate host to be chosen. There must be a commitment by the faculty, administration, staff and students to provide the resources and time necessary to facilitate our conference. There must be an outstanding concert venue capable of bringing to full fruition the ideas and musical talents of our performers and composers. There must be facilities with sufficient and appropriate space to allow for the development of creative ideas, the meetings of our members, rehearsals, and the display of scores, recordings and materials. It is beneficial when one can easily and affordably travel to the host site and when accommodations are first-class and reasonably priced. In UNCG we have a partner who provides ALL of these benefits! We're delighted to have John Locke and Kevin Geraldi of UNCG as our conference hosts.

I encourage you to put March 20-23, 2013 into your calendars (in ink) and to periodically for updates.

Eric Rombach-Kendall
President, CBDNA

CBDNA 2013 Performing Ensembles

· Baylor University Wind Ensemble
J. Eric Wilson, conductor

· Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Wind Orchestra
Glenn Price, conductor

· Lawrence University Wind Ensemble
Andrew Mast, conductor

· Louisiana State University Wind Ensemble
Donald McKinney, conductor

· St. Olaf College Band
Timothy Mahr, conductor

· University of Kentucky Wind Ensemble
Cody Birdwell, conductor

· University of Maryland Wind Orchestra
Michael Votta, conductor

· University of North Carolina at Greensboro Wind Ensemble
John Locke & Kevin Geraldi, conductors

· University of South Carolina Wind Ensemble
Scott Weiss, conductor

· University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wind Ensemble
John Climer, conductor

· CBDNA Small College Intercollegiate Band
Craig Kirchhoff, guest conductor