New work by the distinguished Danish Composer

World Premiere 01 JUN 2012

Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
DR SymfoniOrkestret
Paul Meyer, conductor


Bartok Hall, Debrecen, Hungary 8th July 2014
Nanset Wind Ensemble, conductor Odd Terje Lysebo

Orchestration 4(pic).4(ca).4(2bcl.cbcl).4(cbn)/6441/timp.3perc/

Duration 20 minutes

The present suite SONATAS is a composition subtitled ´six pieces of music for large wind ensemble, percussion, piano and harp´. It opens with a REVEILLE, a short ´wake-up call´, a fanfare opening the gate into what follows. The second movement is called PASTORALE and certainly is that, a peaceful unfolding of gentle chords and sounds of a bucolic nature. Nothing dramatic happens, whereas in the third movement SCHERZO the woodwinds chase each other in a wild relay run. Then, all of a sudden, the mood changes, and we are plunged right into the middle of the darkest night. In the NOCTURNE, unnervingly subtitled sinistro, the low rumbling chords in the trombones and prickly outbursts in oboes and horns form the sinister backdrop to this wordless Grand Guignol. Which merges seamlessly into PANORAMA, an unfolding festive, almost pageant like ´sound-scape´of dancing rhytms and jubilant scales. Slowly, however, the tempo drops and the former boisterous body of sound is being slowly and mercilessly ´skeletonized´ - and at the end there is nothing left. RETRAITE - "the last post". The day is over, the sun sets.