Christian Lindberg - Condor Canyons

Christian Lindberg

Christian Lindberg's Condor Canyon has been recorded recently by the  Stockholm Chamber Brass

On the present disc, Foliations (a contraction of 'Folia' and 'Variations') by the American composer Jan Bach (b. 1937) is based on the famous Renaissance tune La Folia and is a set of 18 variations. The opening and closing movements are fixed, but the remaining movements may be played in any order. The Stockholm Chamber Brass has chosen to divide the work into four portions, serving them up as interfoliations between the other compositions on offer. These include Arnold's exuberant Quintet from 1961, Bozza's humorous and agile Sonatine (1951) and Finnish composer Jukka Linkola's colourful and rhythmically vital Brass Quintet No. 2.