Horses Mouth


Randy Hoepker and James Kull write in with news of what they are playing in their High Schools.

Randy writes from the Des Moines Public Schools, Iowa:

I was very pleased to read your recent feature of Bernard's contribution to the wind literature. I thought I'd let you know that he has just now completed a commission for the Central Iowa Youth Band's tour to China in July 2012. It is entitled Concerto Grosso for Trumpet, Percussion and Instrumental Ensemble. It is a large chamber music piece in five movements - about 20 minutes duration. The score is at Donemus now for preparation. Also, he modestly did not list his Soundscape I on his composition list for your site. We gave the USA premiere and found it to be a remarkable tone/texture exploration - about 4 minutes duration, and very different than most of his other work.

Jim Kull,

St. Charles East High School Bands

1020 Dunham Rd.

St. Charles, IL 60174

James writes:

I so enjoy reading about what you are currently programming, and I wish you were closer to Chicago in your travels this year so I could hear one of your concerts in the states. I offer my upcoming concert programs in hope they might be of interest to you.

Concert Bands (9th graders, four years of playing experience)

A Praetorius Prelude Douglas Akey
Jody Timothy Broege
Brazilian Folk Dance Suite adapted by William Rhoads
Metro Gregory Rudgers
A Renaissance Revel Susato/Kenneth Singleton
Alligator Alley Michael Daugherty

Wind Ensemble (to be performed on February 28th here at school and on March 15th in Carnegie Hall)

Meridian Ola Gjeillo
The Echo Never Fades David Gillingham
Avenue X Jonathan Newman
Prelude and Fughetta Timothy Broege
Riff Raff Ryan George

The George is a result of a commission by a group I put together called the Consortium for the Advancement of Wind Band Literature, and is a fantastic jazz-oriented homage to the “tough guy” loner characters in many film-noir movies. It is really a wonderful piece. The Gillingham is a tribute to a student of ours who passed away at age 17 in 2002 that we commissioned, and the Newman is a result of a commissioning group I put together in 2005.

I’m listening to one of your “Tim pods” right now-I love Resonance, but it may be too difficult for us.