Dragon Rhyme for Symphonic Band - 2010 - by Chen Yi

image of the performers of Chen Yi's Dragon Rhyme

Commissioned by the National Wind Ensemble Consortium Group, and premiered by the Hartt Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall under the baton of Dr Glen Adsit 5/30/2010

Chen Yi's Dragon Rhyme is in two movements: I Mysteriously - Harmoniously; II. Energetically, and it is about 14 minutes long. The first movement is more lyrical, the second powerful. The thematic material in both movements is matched, which is used economically for development throughout the work. The instrumental texture is rich in colour, from transparent and delicate to angular and strong. Taking the image of the dragon, which is auspicious, fresh and vivid, the music is layered and multi-dimensional. It symbolizes the Eastern culture. When it meets the world, it becomes part of the global family.

See the full score, courtesy of Carl Fischer & Theodore Presser

You can also download mp3 recordings of Suite from China West at the same site, together with music by Carter Pann, Kim Portnoy, Paul Richrds, Dan Welcher, David Maslanka and Michael Colgrass.