I have just received an update from Albert Roque on new music for chorus and
wind and he recommends


by Daniel Davis

Recorded on Youtube by the Wind Orchestra and General Choir School of Music
in Lisbon

Played by the Wind Orchestra, General Choir School of Music in Lisbon, the
Soloists Ana Sofia Ventura (Soprano), Pine Marguerite (Soprano), Pedro Matos
(Tenor) and Tiago Gomes Amado (Baritone) and Conductor Inês Lopes.

Notes on the work:

Our society has changed so much in so little time, this time that
significantly makes a crucial character in our lives in both the short and
long term. The temporal question determines a significant importance for
planning a journey; something that is about to begin, and that above all we
want to start. Seek (the) truth (s) pure (the) only (the), clean (as),
worthy (as), genuine (as), etc., can be a task that can leave us lost.

Twists and turns that?

Attitudes that can be taken, are not easy, courage will have to come at any
time to follow the path, the way that we can have, or not, time to our
favor. Important is to mention that the appearance should be natural, not
let anxiety take in account, our way and our time.

Twists and turns that?

The music became a testing method and / or a business, at least for some.
For me it remains a pleasure. Courage ... to follow the way is an attitude,
a path, an uncertainty that gradually becomes something less uncertain -
does not give answers, does not give way, just give less anxious
suggestions, in the middle of a whole. After all is music, is a human
pleasure, is this ...

The truth is here ..

Details also from Alberto Roque: betoroque@gmail.com

Tim Reynish writes:

I first came across the music of David Davis in a fine chamber work The
Essence of a Tear recorded by Alberto on a CD of new chamber music for
Harmonie, and I shall now return to this disc as it is long overdue for
review. He began to take an interest in the composition while studying
saxophone at the conservatory, having as tutor Professor Francisco Loreto
and Professor Robert Andres.In 2011 he entered the Music School of Lisbon in
the course of composition under the guidance of Professors Sérgio Azevedo
and António Pinho Vargas. In 2014 concluded a degree in composition at the
Academy of Music in Lisbon with the score of 19 points, awarded unanimously
by the examination jury.

His works are based on resonance and operating environments, timbres and
rhythmic dissociations. The connection of these attributes give you an
autonomous character and therefore a focus on language itself.

Currently he attends the second year of the Masters in Composition Area at
the School of Music in Lisbon, under Professor Luis Tinoco.