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Greetings from England on my 80th Birthday. There has been a lot of pressure from family and friends to bring my web pages up to date. Nothing since November 2017, they complain, and I must confess that I had seriously considered ceasing publication, but I am sitting here listening to one of the most beautiful of all contemporary song cycles, by John Mackey, and so am inspired once again with the huge potential of the wind ensemble medium. See more lower down with links to Youtube

Also in April I start on a mini world tour of four concerts with four premieres and a lot of music which I have commissioned.


CARNEGIE HALL DEBUT, that’s Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Scotland

15 March     Band of the Royal Marines, Scotland

Hesketh Danceries Set 1

Holst       Marching Song




SPAIN Unión Musical Santa Cecilia De Villar Del Arzobispo

April 24

Guy Wolfenden     Suite Francaise 2222

Kenneth Alwyn     Concerto for flute and 8 instruments

Kenneth Hesketh    Masque

Christopher Marshall  Cone of Uncertainty Premiere

Luis Serrano Alarcon  new work Premiere

Adam Gorb       Yiddish Dances

Cone of Uncertainty is a term used by meteorologists to illustrate the range of most likely tracks for a hurricane. The cone narrows as the storm approaches and the location of a strike becomes increasingly clear. For those in the path of the storm – or any other predicted catastrophic event – their thoughts may veer between surging anxiety, over-confidence, prayers to a higher power, and resignation…as time inexorably erodes the cone.

Cone of Uncertainty is constructed using a 12 note theme (B,C,E,Eb,F#,G,D,Bb<F,C#,G#, A) ina predominantly triadic-tonal context. The row or its 3 transformations are present throughout the piece, either in melody, bass line or harmonies, or a combination of these.

Scored for 2plus picc, 2 plus cor, Eb, 4 B, bass and contra bass, 2alto, 1 tenor 1 baritone sax

4 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 tenor and bass, euphonium, tuba, 1 percussion (5 timpani) 4 percussion

No news of Luis’ piece, which is planned as a surprise!


International Anthony Burgess Centre

March 25th Premiere of Mr Burgess’s Almanack by Anthony Burgess

Dvorak Serenade for Wind, Cello and Bass

Anthony Burgess was invited to write this work by the American double bassist, Jonathan Haskell, in the Suisse Romande Orchestra, and Haskell conducted the premiere on 11th April 1988. Mr Burgess’s Almanack is scored for woodwind octet, horn, trumpet, timpani, 2 percussion and piano.

Anthony Burgess explained in his book You’ve had your Time: “The Corriere della Sera has announced that I am giving up the noel for music. This was in connection with the performance of a work of mine in Geneva….called Mr. Burgess’s Almanack, a British enough title, and he seemed to think that I was impressionistically painting the running of the English year. But the title is a trick. The calendar and the chromatic scale have in common a division into twelve. As the year moves from January to December, so in my work the musical intervals I exploit harmonically run from the minor second to the octave.”


Philharmonic Winds, Esplanade 17th June 2018

Kenneth Hesketh   Masque

Guy Woolfenden   Illyrian Dances

Derek Bourgeois   Symphony for William

Yasuhide Ito     As Time Is Passing

Luis Serrano Alarcon New Work – second performance

Adam Gorb Bohemian Revelry

This is a programme which includes some of my favorite composers. I believe that Hesketh, Alarcon and Gorb are among the three most original composers working in wind ensemble today, Derek was the first composers I commissioned back in 1981 for the World Conference, Guy was my closest musical mate at Cambridge, my best man and receiver of our second commission (Gallimaufry) and I think that Yasuhide is a remarkable talent who should be better known in the West.


Senzuko Gakuen Green Tie Ensemble 1st July 2018


Gorb    Awayday

Woolfenden Illyrian Dances

Del Tredici  In Wartime

Ito     new work

Alarcon   Concertango first movement

Marshall   L’Homme Armé


Below are some details from John’s brilliant website, OSTI MUSIC


Songs from the End of the World (2015)

Flute/Alto flute:Oboe/Cor anglais;2 Bb clarinets/Bass clarinet/Contra bass cl/2 bassoons

Double bass harp piano 3 percussion

Audio & Score

for soprano and chamber ensemble
duration: 21'
text by A. E. Jaques

Commissioned by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Arizona State University, Eastman School of Music, Florida State University, Metropolitan State University of Denver, The Ohio State University, Texas Tech University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Florida, University of New Mexico, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Austin, and Western Michigan University.

World premiere on November 19, 2015, at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Lindsay Kesselman , soprano. Kevin Geraldi conducting the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Wind Ensemble.

The cycle is inspired by a passage in the Odyssey in which Odysseus, shipwrecked and near death, washes up on the shore of an island belonging to the nymph Kalypso. Homer's telling treats the ensuing interlude as just another bit of exotic travelogue, one of many adventures on Odysseus' long journey home; these three songs imagine what it meant to Kalypso herself, and are sung in her voice.


CSU-Pueblo Wind Ensemble, world premiere performance of “Elegy” and “Pikes Peak,” by Adam Gorb, Alan W. Mills, Conductor, 24TH February, 2018, commissioned by The Rocky Mountain Commissioning Project led by Alan Mills.


HONG KONG 19TH February 2018



World premiere of Trumpet Double Concerto by Yasuhide Ito


World premiere of Trumpet Concerto by Yasuhide Ito in Udine 17th March and Gorizia 25th March, soloist Ottaviano Cristofoli, solo trumpet with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Val Isonzo Wind Orchestra conducted by Fulvio Dose. Concerto per tromba e banda Concerto for Trumpet and Band トランペット協奏曲

Yasuhide writes:

The amazing performance of Mr. Ottaviano Cristofoli, the solo trumpet player of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra inspired me to write a concerto full of melodies. He plays like a singer, and I feel as if I can even hear lyrics through his performance. As a result, this concerto, written for him, is full of melodies and 'molto cantabile'. I didn't write any typical trumpet passages such as fanfares or flourishes. The piece consists of one movement, but you'll find three traditional movements. The first part 'allegro vivo' has sonata form, which lacks recapitulation of a second theme. Followed by the second part, andantino lento. The main theme is the second theme of the first part. It is in G. Verdi style. This being an homage to the great composer and also to Italy where this concerto has its premiere. The third part is 'Le Danze (Dances)'. You'll find a lot of dance characters from western and eastern countries. Through these dances, we hope to spread the message of peace on the earth.


Won the 2017 British Composer Awards for Wind Band with his work In Ictu Oculi

The panel described the winning piece “as a mature and highly imaginative work that gives the listener an ever more rewarding experience. The writing for instruments show complete mastery of the medium with continually evolving and evocative textures. Browse below for a performance of Sound Cloud